Aroma di Estasi

100% Natural and Healthy Dried Fruits and Nuts Mixes in Raw Honey

Creamed (Spun) Honey with Over 20 Types of Freeze-Dried Berries, Herbs and Fruits

100% Natural Raw Honey “On-The-Go”

NEW Bio (Organic) versions of Mixes and Creamed Honey!

Our products are based on acacia and polyfloral honey, the most classical honeys in the European Union. To introduce our customers to Eating Cultures of different countries we design and produce a variety of Mixes and Creamed Honey, representing a perfect match of superfoods and honey!

While our creamed-honey line has recently increased by a number of natural flavours, now totalling to over 20 types of Creamed Honey and their BIO (Organic) Versions, we have launched TWO MORE lines of new products: BIO versions of our Mixes and Pure Acacia Honey Packets (Sachets) “On-The-Go”, in a designed carton, patented by our Company and currently sold on Amazon.

Please feel free to reach out to us for the latest catalogue and prices!