Mix nr 6

Ingredients: cashews, hazelnuts, raisins, acacia honey

Net weight: 303 g

Jar: jar “Lamp” with twist off lid

Mix of raisins, cashew, and hazelnuts in a honey filling will be a delicious and healthy treat.

Cashew has three “anti” properties: antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobic. Cashews have particularly useful properties for women, these nuts are considered aphrodisiac. Besides, cashews contain omega-3 fatty acids, and, therefore, are natural antioxidants that prevent aging.

Hazelnuts remove waste and toxins, strengthen the immune system, increase the body’s resistance to infections.

The dried grapes (raisins) are high in mineral salts, organic acids, vitamins, and micronutrients. Their composition is diverse and rich. Raisins contains glucose, fructose, proteins, fats, thiamine, niacin.
Acacia honey has a pleasant taste and delicate aroma. It’s one of the best varieties of honey. It doesn’t crystallize for long due to fructose in it, which is most easily digestible. It works as a sedative for nervous diseases, and is irreplaceable in nutrition of people with diabetes and children. It does not cause allergies. It’s used in treatment of eye diseases.